Do you want to meet people of your age, make friends or even find love? Why not try a unique experience that combines Catalan culture with speed dating.

We meet on a hotel terrace specially reserved for you and in pairs you make a small work of art: a red or multicolored heart-shaped magnet in trencadís.

The revolutionary mosaic technique invented by Antonio Gaudí. 

First, I give you a card with your registration number on it. I explain in detail how the event works and then the exciting part begins: connecting Gaudi’s art and getting to know each other. Creating art builds bridges between people.

You are grouped in pairs at each table according to your age group and we will start with the art activity to get comfortable and break the ice. We will explain how to make a trencadís heart. The material to make the magnet is already on the table. With the first pair assigned to you, each pair will create the trencadís heart. The activity lasts approximately 15 minutes. When you have finished, we collect your magnets, and at the end of the activity, you will receive them with their finishing touches.


You then talk for seven minutes with this first “date”. Then, the couples change every seven minutes, so you will meet different  participants. You will get the chance to meet at least 4 different people in your age group, although our goal is between 10 – 12, depending on how many people have signed up. Therefore, the total duration of the event depends on how many “couples” there are. It usually lasts about an hour and a half to two hours.

With Speed Dating Gaudi there is always a happy ending: If you don’t find your dream partner, you will have learned something about Gaudi’s art and you will have had a fun evening. Also, you will take home a magnet as a souvenir!